24 July 2015

Historie v09

No new chapter this month, but here's the tankoban scanlations of volume 9. Minor translation and grammatical errors were fixed for this release, but most notable is obviously the touched up art by Iwaaki. Below is an example for comparison. Enjoy the release!

Historie v09:   Mega
All previous volumes using the tankoban scans can also be found on my mega folder.

1 July 2015

Sangokushi v49 (complete)

Volume 49 is finally complete! The last chapter was short, but there was one particular section that was a real bitch to translate...
This damn list of appointing duties for the Northern campaign. The first problem is that I'm pretty sure the online version of C.H. Brewitt-Taylor translation of RotTK got the appointments wrong. For instance, Liao Hua is listed as one of the Central Army generals and Deng Zhi as a Right Army general. But in this manga, Liao Hua is listed as the Left Army general and Deng Zhi as a Central Army general. So to see who was right and who was wrong, I had to google for an online text of the novel in its original Chinese at Chinese Text Project. Although I can't "read" Chinese, I do know Chinese characters, and it's pretty clear the Brewitt-Taylor version is wrong (副將飛衛將軍廖化; 中監軍揚武將軍鄧芝). The second problem is that the titles of these generals are all left out in the Brewitt-Taylor translation, perhaps presumably to make it easier for English readers. As a result, I was left scratching my head at whether or not there was any conventional translation used by academics for terms like 飛衛將軍, 安遠將, or 揚武將軍. After googling, most seem to lack a commonly accepted translation, so I just went with whatever sounded best to me.

Also, I know shit like "General who Quells the North" sounds extremely long-winded and awkward for a title, but it sounds a lot more succinct and prestigious in the original Chinese.

That's it for now. I'm going to take a break before the Northern campaign starts and see if I can get the Historie volume out by this month's end like I mentioned before.

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24 June 2015

Historie Resumes!

Finally, Historie's back! Iwaaki says in the side-comments that he's been busy fixing the art up for the tankoban release of v9 which came out earlier this month. He also mentions he enjoyed the parasyte movies. As for v9 release, I think I'll get to it sometime this summer. Maybe late July or early August?

Historie c90:   Sendspace (missing page added)

15 June 2015

Sangokushi v48 (complete)

Volume 48 is now done! If you can't stomach more of Meng Huo's brilliance, don't worry, there's only one last showdown left (in v49). And then it's... NORTHERN CAMPAIGN TIME!


Sangokushi v48:   Mega;   Mediafire
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3 June 2015

Sangokushi v47 (complete)

Time to resume the Southern campaigns.


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7 May 2015

Sangokushi v46 (complete)

Time to resume after a short break. The Southern campaigns is now kicking into full gear. It's a little odd how long this whole story-line is (5 chapters in novel, 4 and a half volumes in this manga), considering the Nanman tribes are barely mentioned, much less play a role, before and after this arc. In comparison, the hugely important Red Cliffs story-line is 7 chapters long (counting from Zhuge Liang's arrival to Wu until Guan Yu letting Cao Cao escape). As such, it might feel like a "filler arc," in the loose sense of that word, but it's still an entertaining campaign nonetheless as the exotic southern locale brings surprises unlike any in the story so far. I hope you have fun reading it.

*VOLUME 46 NOW COMPLETE. I'm also going to take a short break and start v47 in June.

Sangokushi v46:   Mediafire;   Mega
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19 April 2015

Sangokushi v45 (complete)

Time for v45, "Liu Bei's Death." Although the volume's title certainly leaves little room for surprises, it'll be a fun read and Zhuge Liang's famous Southern campaigns will finally begin at the end!
Finally, the campaign begins! Also, I realized I accidentally typed Nanman as Naiman in pg 92, probably because I was thinking of the Naiman turks from the Chinggis Khan manga I recently translated. For those curious, Nan () means South, and Man () means barbarian, so Nanman literally means Southern barbarian. Incidentally, the same term was used by the Japanese ("Nanban" in Japanese pronunciation) to describe the Western Europeans, because they sailed up from Indonesia and the Philippines to reach Japan.


Sangokushi v45:   Mediafire;   Mega
Sangokushi c311:   Sendspace