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12 February 2016

Some Thoughts on an Adaptation: Sangokushi

Sangokushi v60:   Mega;   Mediafire
All Previous Sangokushi volumes:   Mega;   Mediafire


With that burst of elation out of the way, I have to admit it's as sad as it is rewarding to finally hang this project on my completed-shelf. The 60 volume length was naturally daunting when I first decided to pick up this series, but as a labour of love, I enjoyed every moment of translating this series. But as they say, every end is a new beginning. While I'd be perfectly content to have this remain as my magnus opus (excuse my unwarranted self-importance here), there's still a whole world of great manga out there and I will most definitely be picking up a whole bunch of new manga so look forward to it!

For the curious, I'll begin work on the following projects this year:
Innocents Shounen Juujigen (no, I did not forget about this!)
Waga Na wa Nero
Zettai Anzen Kamisori
Dousei Jidai
Teito Monogatari

For Yokoyama fans looking for their next fix of Chinese history after Sangokushi, I will also start work on Shiji this year, though I'll be releasing it sporadically as it suits the nature of the work, being a collection of only loosely related stories taken from Sima Qian's Shiji (think of it like a collection of one shots).

Now on with my Some Thoughts on Sangokushi...

26 January 2016

Sangokushi v59 (complete)

Chapters 426 and 427 are done, meaning ONE MORE VOLUME LEFT! I'll be releasing the last volume as a single release rather than by chapter, and it should be out in 2 weeks from now. I have to juggle trying to translate and writing up an appropriate post (fuck writer's block) to go along with the ending, like I did with Tomorrow's Joe.

Sangokushi c426:   Sendspace
Sangokushi c427:   Sendspace
Sangokushi v59:   Mega;   Mediafire
All Previous Sangokushi volumes:   Mega;   Mediafire

14 January 2016

Sangokushi v58 (complete)

Another volume done.

Sangokushi c417:   Sendspace
Sangokushi v58:   Mega;   Mediafire
All Previous Sangokushi volumes:   Mega;   Mediafire

2 January 2016

Sangokushi v57 (complete)

Volume 57 is finally done, meaning just THREE MORE VOLUMES TO GO. 
*cue Final Countdown music*

Sangokushi c409:   Sendspace
Sangokushi v57:   Mega;   Mediafire
All Previous Sangokushi volumes:   Mega;   Mediafire

27 December 2015

Some Thoughts on Books I read in 2015 - Part 3

With 2015 coming to a close, it's time to wrap up my thoughts on the books I read this year. As one poster requested, I've made a goodreads account that has most of the books I've read in the past 2-3 years. I'm not gonna go back any further than that to add all the comic books and fiction I've read, as I'm planning on using it as a non-fiction shelf that I can refer to when my memory gets hazy. I don't really intend on writing out reviews there (though I will rate them), as I prefer making these Some Thoughts which gives me more room to post longer, sometimes meandering, posts on whatever came to my mind while reading.

P.S. Sorry to the folks who'd rather see me talk about manga than history. My next Some Thoughts post will be for Sangokushi, and I'll try to talk about it more of as a manga than for its historical aspects.

24 December 2015

Merry KFC Day

Happy KFC day, everyone. Here's the new chapter of My-little-prince-can't-be-this-schizophrenic. I like the dual-panel Iwaaki uses to split Alexander's face to convey this point. If only he could release on a monthly basis...
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Also, a few days ago, a couple guys and I made a new 50 manga-list on /a/ for fun. As the title reads, its purpose is to highlight some attention to stuff that have gotten scanlated over the past few years and were never included in the much older charts. Excuse some of the more memetic taglines if you're not into that, but I wanted to make it stand out a little more than blandly listing genres. I haven't read all of them myself, so I can't personally vouch for their quality, but at the very least, they should be worth reading. I know shoujo and josei are extremely underrepresented on this list, so if you've read any good shoujo/josei manga that have only just started getting scanlations in the last couple years, please feel free to throw them out in this thread.

Historie c93:   Sendspace
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28 November 2015

Some Thoughts on Books I read in 2015 - Part 2

Political maps are deceiving. As a kid, when you look at political maps showing the neat little borders of powerful states in the past, you inevitably wonder why they couldn't expand in a certain direction, or how in the world they were defeated by another state so much smaller than them or sometimes by those who didn't even possess states! One of the reasons I like reading military history is that it helps me fill in these whys. But the military is just one, albeit important, aspect which influenced a state's fortunes. Strong governments and armies ultimately have to have some sort of economic backing, and I'm embarrassed to admit how late it was until I truly understood this. As a teen who was more interested in science than business or economics, I'd be satisfied by simple comments such as "trade flourished" or "economy was prosperous" in pop. history books. I never questioned the details of trade, how exactly governments collected revenue, or financed policies. I think the turning point was when I read a few books about the decline of the Spanish empire. Although there were cultural and demographic factors which also contributed to the empire's decline, Spain's poor economic policies which failed to improve its fiscal soundness and develop its economy unlike England or the Netherlands was what left the strongest impression on me. So now I'm slowly but steadily trying to get into economic history (hence the choice of books in this post) and it's fantastic because I'm starting to see a whole new way of viewing the past. If you're like me and ignored the interplay of economics and political history, I highly encourage you to do so as well.